Interprofessional Case Discussions

The interprofessional (IP) case discussions (short ICDs) were the very first project SHAPED took on. It started all in November 2020 with the first one taking place in German with an astonishing number of 30 participants! Excited by the success as well as the feedback of the participants, soon after we began to develop a French version as well and have ever since continued to prepare new cases for YOU to solve in an interprofessional team!

Next ICD in French will be held on the 6th of October

It should have been an orthopedic case but it soon got more complicated and then the focus changed to a visceral case history. You want to know why? Apply at the end of this page to take part in the interprofessional case discussion (ICD).

The patient needs your help. Support the interprofessional team with your expertise!  

Until the case takes place you can get a feeling of the ICD's by reading about some of the last cases below.

5th ICD involved chiropractor
(form the 12th April 2022)

Next to solving a case together the last ICD also gave a good insight to what a chiropractor does in his daily life at work. Also the participants learned more about the differences of chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathy in a quizz. 

Participants of the latest ICD in French

a participants quote
on the neurological ICD (form the 20th October 2021)

"Le cas analysé représente le cas type auquel une équipe interprofessionnelle est régulièrement confrontée. Je recommande de suivre ces ateliers pour se mettre dans des conditions optimales pour notre future carrière dans la santé."

To apply for the next IP case discussion in FRENCH, please fill out the form below!

Please note: your application to the next ICD is final and once applied, you are expected to participate. We will provide you with further information regarding the ICD latest one week before it takes place. In case, you happen to be sick, please contact your moderator (as indicated in the email) as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you! :-)