The SHAPED Family

Here are some of the amazing people that make SHAPED happen by dedicating their time and energy to fostering better interprofessional education in Switzerland.

Get to know their field of study, their favourite organ, which illness would describe them best and, finally, why they are part of SHAPED!

PS: The SHAPED family is keen to grow, so if you're interested in our work and share our enthusiasm for IPE, don't hesitate to get in touch!


  • Pharmacy
  • Favourite organ: the liver
  • Best described by: Narcolepsy

"I want to share my passion for pharmacy and health care with students from other fields to create a better starting position for the big step into the professional world."


  • Physiotherapy
  • Favourite organ: There are many fascinating organs! For example: Musculus stapedius (the smallest muscle in our body located in the middle ear and just a bit longer than 1mm!) 
  • Best described by: Dyscalculia (mental arithmetic is not my strong point)

" Interprofessional education is the key to providing the best patient care and treatment. Moreover, the exchange among health students is enriching. "


  • Nursing
  • Favourite organ: Heart - without it no organ is able to function for a long time
  • Best described by: Restless leg syndrome (very sportive and almost gone crazy during lockdown)

" I like the opportunity to change something in our health care system. I believe that interprofessionality and it's education ist THE key to good patient outcomes and reduced health costs in the future. I want to contribute to such a change and create a mindset in which every health care provider or profession is appreciated and valued. SHAPED is also a good opportunity for networking and for getting to know new people."


  • Physiotherapy
  • Favourite organ: Musculus piriformis
  • Best described by: Klein-Levin-Syndrome (not a morning person at all)

" I like the exchange with different health care students from different schools all over Switzerland. It allows me to better understand the competencies of my profession as well as the competences of my health care colleagues."


  • Pharmacy
  • Favourite organ: Spleen
  • Best described by:  Angelman-Syndrome (smiling without reason)

" I think it's very important to get to know the other professions of the health care system in order to work well and efficiently together. It's super interesting to get to know other professions and what they do and know, I think that everyone should have the opportunity to do the same. And the people are just amazing, it's great working with them!"


  • Human medicine
  • Somehow fascinated with the Motorcortex and it's tractus to the periphery. - or Epiphysis, regulates sleep and arousal ;-)
  • Best described by:  Restless leg syndrome

"I am part of SHAPED as I like bringing different people together to widen everyones perspective. Within SHAPED this also might end in a tiny bit better future health care."


  • Pharmacy
  • Favourite organ: Kidneys
  • Best described by: OCD

"Being able to communicate and work with people from different educational backgrounds is inevitable in health care. If we are open-minded, learn and profit from each other’s strengths and weaknesses we can provide the best care possible for future patients, which ultimately is our common goal."


  • Physiotherapy
  • Favourite Organ: Limbic System - as it plays a key role in motivation, learning and happiness
  • Best described as: Cold Hands (as a physiotherapist illness)

"I am part of SHAPED because interprofessinal collaboration is the future for health professions and therefore we students need more opportunities to gain those skills. As the schools don't provide enough learning opportunities in my view, we have to do it!"


  • Human Medicine
  • Favourite organ: Pituitary gland - there is no closer connection between our mind and body
  • Best described by: RLS mixed with a little OCD

" I believe that the key to great health care lies in productive interprofessional collaboration. Unfortunately, experience tells us that such a collaboration is not a given, which is why putting an emphasis on it during the education of health care professionals is a necessity. From a more personal perspective, I highly enjoy meeting new people, learning from them and achieving a common goal as a team."


  • Nutrition
  • Favourite organ: Small intestine, I need my time
  • Best described by:  Liver cirrhosis (since I miss a good party and always need a midnight snack)

" Ultimately our health system deeply depends on us working together effectively and trustingly to create truly good health care. For this we need to be able to understand each other's work process far better than our education system allows currently. SHAPED offers the possibilty to actively influence this issue by training young health care professionals for the real challenge of working in a diverse interprofessional team."


  • Pharmacy
  • Favourite organ: brain
  • Best described by: ADHS

" I like all the different aspects of health. There are so many different fields having their important impact on someone's health."


  • Midwife
  • Favourite organ: heart – It’s very complex and also a symbol of love. I do love uteri and placentas as well though.
  • Best described by: Fatigue-Syndrom (constantly exhausted pigeon)

“I like the idea of improving the health care system by supporting interprofessional education, collaboration and communication. A better understanding of the competences of different professions in the health care section can improve interprofessional care and lead to a better patient care overall. That’s what I want to work on."

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