Interprofessional Case Discussions

The interprofessional (IP) case discussions (short ICDs) were the very first project SHAPED took on. It started all in November 2020 with the first one taking place in German with an astonishing number of 30 participants! Excited by the success as well as the feedback of the participants, soon after we began to develop a French version as well and have ever since continued to prepare new cases for YOU to solve in an interprofessional team!

Next online ICD on 17. October 2023

We happily invite you to our next online ICD on October 17th, 2023, starting at 19:30 online!
In a team with students from other healthcare professions you have the chance to help Ms. Sommer get on her feet again. Will you solve the mystery and start the appropriate treatment in time?

To apply for the next IP case discussion in GERMAN, please fill out the form below!

Please note: your application to the next ICD is final and once applied, you are expected to participate. We will provide you with further information regarding the ICD in the week before it takes place. Please check your spam-folder. In case, you happen to be sick, please contact your moderator (as indicated in the email) as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you! :-)

past ICD's

Until the ICD takes place you can get a feeling of the ICD's by reading about some of the last cases below.

Thinking about the different professions
Picture drawn during the ICD by a midwife student

Revised ICD - The gynecological case is back
(15th of November 2022)

Have you ever wondered what happens during pregnancy and birth if things don't go quite as planned? 

Well this case was all about a normal pregnancy that suddenly turned into an emergency. We had a lot of interesting discussions in the three ICD groups which we held simultaneously. 

Feedback of some participants concerning the ICD

Revised ICD - The neuro case is back 
(31st of May 2022)

We optimized our very first ICD about a neurological case and held it again in May. 

The case was about Mrs. Marti, who was having breakfast with her husband. Suddenly, her left arm felt very heavy and she felt sick. When she tried to talk to her husband about it, he barely understood a word. She slipped limply on her left side and almost fell out of her chair. Her husband immediately called the emergency service (144). 

In the shock room, the patient was awaited by an interprofessional team consisting of a neurological physician and nursing staff. In the background, pharmacy professionals were standing by. Later on also the radiology technician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nutritionist and speech therapist treated Mrs. Marti. 

5th ICD involving chiropractors
(15th of March 2022)

Aside of having to take care of a tram driver with backache and gait insecurity, the participants gained valuable insight to what a chiropractor does in their daily life at work. 

4th ICD from the 5th of October 2021

 a gynecological case:

"Die 34-jährige Frau M., welche sich in ihrer zweiten Schwangerschaft befindet, ist beim Routineuntersuchung in der 39 + 0 Schwangerschaftswoche. Während diesem Untersuch werden  zufälligerweise weitere Schwierigkeiten festgestellt. Jetzt heisst es schnell handeln und gut kommunizieren, sodass Mutter und Kind keine bleibenden Schäden davon tragen oder gar sterben. Nur zusammen könnt ihr Frau M. und ihrem Kind helfen - los geht's!"

Feedback of a participant

"Spannendes Fallbeispiel das mit vielseitigen Informationen aus verschiedenen Professionen souverän gelöst werden konnte."