IP Café

Welcome to our IP Café, the event series for young as well as experienced healthcare professionals that are interested in exchanging their thoughts with others and getting answers to their every-day interprofessional questions!

What is the IP Café?

It's an after-work apéro with other people from the health care sector.
-> Yes, there will be snacks and drinks and no worries, the goal is not to talk about patients at work, but rather getting to know people from other fields of healthcare and exchanging thoughts with them.
Next to a short introduction of SHAPED, there is a lot of time for an informal exchange which is guided by us, but allows for free-flowing discussions.

What is our aim?

The healthcare system consists of a multitude of people working closely together every day, however cooperation is often times not as successful as one would hope.
Thus, we want to provide an opportunity for discussions and questions which don't get brought up often enough during hectic day-to-day work-life. The aim of which is to dismantle prejudice and possible obstacles.

Who should join?

Young as well as experienced healthcare professionals across all fields of healthcare are invited!
Whether you are working in a hospital or in an outpatient setting, have just graduated or are thinking about retirement: you all have come in contact with better or worse interprofessional collaboration and are therefore ready to change it for the better!

Next IP Café

The next IP Café will be held in Zürich Leimbach on October 31st, 2023, starting 19:00 (door opens 18:30)

GZ Leimbach
Leimbachstrasse 200
8041 Zürich

Deadline for registration is 23th of October. 

If we sparked your interest, but you won't be able to make it, please send us an email to ip-cafe@shaped-ip.ch, so we can reach out to you when organizing the next IP Café. Same of course goes, if you want to help us organize an IP Café in your region.

We're very much looking forward to getting to know you soon! :-)

Application IP Café 31.10.2023 Zürich Leimbach

Please note that the IP Cafés will be held in the language spoken at the location where they take place. If you wish to get informed about an IP Café taking place in your native language, you can write an email to ip-cafe@shaped-ip.ch. Thank you for your understanding! :-)